Computational Morphogenomics Group Dumitrascu Lab @ Columbia University


We are an interdisciplinary team of collaborative researchers which includes students at all levels.

Bianca Dumitrascu Bianca Dumitrascu Group Leader
Maria-Cristiana Gîrjău Maria-Cristiana Gîrjău Graduate Student
Ruiyang He Ruiyang He Graduate Student
Jiawei Wang Jiawei Wang Postdoctoral Fellow
Craig Fouts Craig Fouts Graduate Student
Likun Lin Likun Lin Graduate Student
Marshmallow Marshmallow Researcher Emerita
Jose Pomarino Nima Jose Pomarino Nima Visiting Student

We are expanding and looking for new team members! If you are interested in joining us or collaborating please email Bianca! We are part of the Statistics Department and the Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics at Columbia University. Please inquire about available PhD and Postdoc opportunities!


Lilly Wollman Lilly Wollman MPhil Student
Louis de Benoist Louis de Benoist MPhil Student
Rudolf Laine Rudolf Laine Part II

Other alumni:

Mari Tolonen (Visiting Phd Student, University of Copenhagen, Sedzinski Lab, Summer 2023).

Hannah Boen (Summer Intern, Harvard University, Summer 2023).

Gabriel Rios (Summer Intern, Columbia University, Summer 2023).

Sam Beer (Computer Science, Part 2 student, 2021-2022).

Ruben Weitzman (MPhil student 2021), now a Graduate Student at Oxford University.